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From the hit Adult Swim show Stroker & Hoop.
Published December 04, 2013 2.2k views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
adult swim
Casper Kelly
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479eff2d8baa94267d169979bb1a5765 original
B67b6e04aa85ab785ae11f0f10fc527d original
D6922d4f0ae1085dc57d1ddfd4a1de96 original
0170aa66cfec99ff0ea837920ee4edb4 original
E660ad254184aa30d164486af1d925a2 original
778c3d13b79e134e058f7022d546d802 original


57b1353590a5a709c75dea0d53b8b031 original

"Hitting the G spot is like finding the Holy Grail, in that it's not going to happen sweetharts." #GOODLUCK

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5da2f8b7d698674b570708255114f8a7 original


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6a69dafd540b419339b530b01e8fcae2 original

"Where is all the weed at players !"

77c428145df52aabf14f18e528ffbcf4 original


1d0226c654b151cc60fe2bc2040e3dfe original

But if i can touch them there real.


88b8672925ed60cc34aa53e00eab5040 original

"An your lookin at him big guy."


47fd8abb943ba8958366def3fdff51b4 original



F7c4b2b734526189bb2c34dd2929e9a6 original

All out nuts !


22afbb5436756ea02e15bc7797da540a original

You never too old to be Video games junkie.

5385a8e16f24f979c6009a877b7cb194 original
C163beb9b5a86a62287cf91b778d85f8 original

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