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There Fat there Fat and they know it cum on!
Published April 13, 2012 3.8k views More Info ยป
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Published April 13, 2012

Where is the dang beer in this crapper!?

8f4ce8fb9cad38aecc54dd780071afb8 original

"Hey tones of fun! You know there is a weight limit on them scooters."

More than meets the eye Bi Daddy.

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His coming out he wants to the world to know his going to let his balls show.

It ant nottin but a camel toe getin hard all the time.

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Hey baby why don't you get me a bananapeanut butter sandwick with some meet balls on it. "Thank you Thank you very much."

Well i wouldn't say the bitch is fat, she's Samoan.

C6bf01d55c9e7a1a39b6f57a5a00a298 original

Nice try, nice try!

Now if only i could find a Date.

6b869a0109a635b2211dfb79bf8a3315 original

Does anyone know any blind chicks that are nefomainic.

Now i can f*ck you in the ass.

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Good thing this man gave up a long long time ago.

Let her eat!

C5ea4d37c0eda6b1719182a3f00e3861 original

Fun times in Cleveland agian.

Wrong Phat

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My pants are geting tight!? Said the gay man.


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