Good Morning America host Robin Roberts revealed that she's been in a relationship with a woman for 10 years. What else don't we know about the people who give us the news?

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Walter Cronkite CBS, CBS Evening News Commonly referred to as “The Great News Walrus of the 20th Century,” Cronkite’s wife would disclose five years after his death that he never learned to read, at least not in the traditional sense. Using a sort of echolocation, Cronkite would scream at large three-dimensional blocks of text during commercial breaks. The sound of the news would then travel back to him in a way that he could comprehend and repeat.
Edward R. Murrow CBS, See It Now Known for taking on Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the Red Scare, Murrow would later create a superhero comic about a man named the Red Scare who would simultaneously save women and educate them about their periods.
Matt Lauer NBC, Today Not a complete asshole.
Dan Rather CBS, CBS Evening News In addition to secretly being 6'5", Dan Rather would later reveal in his autobiography that he had a chest compartment installed so he could have a place to keep Cheetos and pet raven Frumblemeer, now believed to be the true source of Rather's folksy maxims. Rather also loved wearing sneakers.
Diane Sawyer ABC, ABC World News Though she long denied it, Diane Sawyer would go on to confirm that she is in fact Tom Sawyer's great granddaughter, explaining why she commonly tricked other anchors into doing the news for her and her friendship with many a black.