The department store JCPenney came under fire last week, after someone noticed that a tea kettle they were selling resembled Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler. Of course, they claimed the resemblance was "unintentional" and immediately pulled the product from its website and retaile...
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Adolph Hitler / Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

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Joseph Stalin / Premium-Grain Pepper Mill

A952aef679f9b3c9495d6b5ee4ad33a0 original

Kim Jong-Il / High-Speed Blender

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Kim Jong-Un / Pair of High-Speed Mini-Blenders

33520159948d9d140bf7df3236b19dac original

Fidel Castro / Cast Iron Skillet

6d04df4af0569159f09574a6cd0ea713 original

Muammar Gadaffi / Indoor, Electrically Heated Grill

B27b880d00c3487fde7b787ce3a9ad7b original

Benito Mussolini / Two-Slice Wide Slot Toaster

42569b790887a9a6fedf6ddd956d441c original

Pol Pot / Pot Pole

Ecf621a0491ed96a8d1c1219db9f4e6c original

Saddam Hussein / Custom-Shaped Salad Spinner

Dab9c0f7230d19cdde1b9f3ca3ea1334 original

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