Tickets are available for these shows in 2012 at the beautifully renovated Putnam Theatre in Stanhope, IA.

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The Book of Korman!

"We're so glad we spent this time together... on this planet. Trying to convert your soul. So that you can get your own planet..."

Blue Man Groupie

Please note when reserving tickets that the first 5 rows have been designated a "splash zone". No one under 18 admitted.


What are the critics saying? "You won't be able to sit down!" "Not much happened during the first 20 minutes, but then things kicked in and it was exciting!" "A story of hope, strength, and standing firm.  Loved it for 2 hours!  then took a nap..." 

Phantom of the Oprah

Wicker - A New Musical

A Cloris Line!

The Book of Merman!

"There's no business, like God's business"

Les Nesmann Miserables