Dear Previous Generations: What the hell? Seriously. -- Signed, The Present Day.
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1. Oh just a child ignoring the word "no."

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2. Ah yes. A valid point, creepy child with hat.

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3. Jesus Christ, even the cops were in on it!

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4. Just a pants-less superhero using his powers to spy on women.

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5. If she says no, just put her in the freezer? Can do.

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6. The violating isn't so bad when compared to the cannibalism.

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7. I Like My Valentines Stiff.

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8. A Woman's Point of View

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9. Just some racism. It's CALLED A MISDIRECT.

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10. Seems harmless, but we all know where that banana's headed.

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11. Nothing says love like burning your name into your valentine.

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12. Totally normal Valentine. Just don't look into his eyes.

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