Dear Previous Generations: What the hell? Seriously. -- Signed, The Present Day.

1. Oh just a child ignoring the word "no."

2. Ah yes. A valid point, creepy child with hat.

3. Jesus Christ, even the cops were in on it!

4. Just a pants-less superhero using his powers to spy on women.

5. If she says no, just put her in the freezer? Can do.

6. The violating isn't so bad when compared to the cannibalism.

7. I Like My Valentines Stiff.

8. A Woman's Point of View

9. Just some racism. It's CALLED A MISDIRECT.

10. Seems harmless, but we all know where that banana's headed.

11. Nothing says love like burning your name into your valentine.

12. Totally normal Valentine. Just don't look into his eyes.