With rising rents in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick, many people are already beginning to speculate which NYC neighborhood could become the new gentrification hot spot. Where do YOU think will be "the next Williamsburg"?

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Chippins Heights, Brooklyn

Known for it's ethnic diversity and wide selection of milks, Chippins Heights boasts an impressive 3 minute commute to M&M's World in Times Square via the M39 bus.

Schlarpswood, Brooklyn

Schlarpswood has been slowly up-and-coming for many years, but with last year's grand opening of it's very first Radio Shack, Schlarpswood may finally become the gentrification destination people have always predicted it would be.

Jorbish, Queens

With artisanal bakeries, cheese shops and fine dining opening all the time, soon Jorbish, Queens will no longer be considered "that neighborhood where 200 men, women and children perished in the night."

Chester Bay, Manhattan

With the lowest crime rates in the city due to it's annual crime purge, Chester Bay has seen an influx of 20-somethings in recent years.

The Shit District, Manhattan

Despite the ever-present smell of putrid garbage and fecal matter, The Shit District has become a nightlife destination in recent years, bringing in celebrities from all around the world and stimulating the economy.

Uncle Jack's Tavern, Manhattan

With rents as low as $600/month and domestic drafts even lower, many young artists have begun moving into Uncle Jack's Tavern. Pro tip: Try the Loaded Potato Skins.

Charmish, Brooklyn

Despite having the highest crime rate in NYC, many young artists are flocking to Charmish Brooklyn for it's affordable rents and authentic Brooklyn vibe.

Brombleton, Queens

Two words: Jet. Skis. Need I say any more?

Burning Man, The Bronx

Inspired by the event held each year in the Nevada desert, Burning Man, The Bronx has become increasingly appealing to young artists looking for a neighborhood that encourages individualism and radical self-expression.

Bushwhacked, Brooklyn

Because of it's similar prononciation to Bushwick, many young college students are moving to this 1995 Daniel Stern comedy out of confusion.