5 superstar ladies that are under 28 years old that i would so make sweet sweet love with! (view on one page.) "you talkin to me!"
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#5 Jelena jankovic

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SHE iS ONE HELL OF AH TENNiS PLAYER! "on and off the court from the hear say on the street  my brothers."  

#4 Kelly Kelly

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};=O} When you have a nice little sexy nickname like that you know she has too be a super freak in the sheets my man. An you know this son you know this,( By the way she is looking for a job in acting right now so hook her up with a roll peeps.) She Devil!

#3 Lindsay Lohan

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Look she likes drinkin Jose i like drinkin Jose so what the hell why not!

#2 Miley Cyrus

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Playboy here she cums. But a she is kind of cute and she is rich as f*ck so way not f*ck her know man! + we can jam out together.

#1 Who ever the hell this is.

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