As everyone goes through sexual awakening early in their adolescence, they turn to the strangest things to satisfy their new needs and desires.
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Published: February 02, 2013


All men will recognize at least one of these!

Sagging flat-as-a-pancake BOOBS!

National Geographic magazine were always good for a smorgasbord of naked ladies!

Naked Barbie

If your sisters only knew what was going on with their dolls when they were not around!

The PLAYBOY channel!

If you only knew back then that the Playboy channel was just soft-core and only slightly more explicit than an R rated movie!

Let's get PHYSICAL

Olivia Newton John was the first crush of a whole lot of boys back in the 80s!  That's cuz she was so sexy and scandalous at least back then!

Sexy and scandalous shows on broadcast TV

In a pinch you could even find some thrills on the regular TV stations!