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This catalogue chronicles sketched out depictions of the absurd creatures that monst around in the sick mind of Richard Barajas.
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"Daybreak Dan"

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He is Daybreak Dan, all day he sleeps, and all night...he just waits till daybreak.Any waking moment he possesses however he is witnessing something crazy because invariably he has the worst, most vile luck anyone has ever seen. Bizarre things continually happen around him, and today was no exception.....

"Beast vs Sea Beast"

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On his way home he encountersabrutally demonicland vs sea battle with two ridiculous creatures thatare definitely real and certainly not completely made up. Henotices that at first glance it would seem like the land beast would just tear thesea beasta newB holewith hisrazor sharp claws,but upon further examination,if you look closely you'll notice that the branch is about tobreakat the base and if land beast doesn't make his move soon, he will plummet intoa vast, unfamiliarworldof water where the sea beast will undoubtedlybe waiting to dealwith himin arealm he knows all too well. Then remarkably enough, afterDaybreak Danwatches the land beast descend upon the sea beast in the nick of timeand tear him to hell in a disgusting bloodfeast, Daybreak Dan witnesses another possible atrocity.....

"Everybody Loves Raisins"

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He looks just out past the break of waves and can't believe what he sees. Another bizarre scuffle between a mythical beast and a crazy half-breedcreature.He notices that the crazy rooster-snake clearly wants that raisin so bad, but Poseidon's weird nipply cousin isn't about to just hand it over...and the battle insues. He doesn't stick around for the raisin dispute because he can't bear to be subjected to anymore carnage after watching that last slaughter so he swiftly continues his journey home. Then he sees a battle which is a bit more lopsided then the previous massacres and watches as a overbearingly scarygroup hunts a harmlesslittle guy as prey and reigns down on him with all the fury of the four horseman of the apocalypse......

"Shittin His Pants"

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Only able to change his underpants a few times prior, the little guy definitelyshits his pants at least a baker's dozen times before the feedingtakes place and the unfortunate surpriseof a mouth full of shit takeseffect andbecomes a haunting reality for the hungry hunters. At this point, Daybreak Dancan't waitto get home, have some breakfast, and pass out hard for the rest of the day.As hevisibly prays to avoid anymore absurd encounters, he ends up jinxingthe shit out of himselfand sees what looksto bea dementedversion of Rodger Klotz from the classic Nickelodeon television show "Doug" in a little altercation of his own......

"Klotz vs Beast"

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Whathappens nextis aclassic man vs beast showdown where theman is using meaningful, offensivegestures to mentally disable and incapacitatethe weirdtigerbeast.The weird tigerbeast is stunned and taken back at first, then practically laughs in Klotz's facedue tohis wussy disregard to be any sort of an intimidating force whatsoever.Klotz just smiles and continues his own intimidation tactics with a full head of steam confident his plan will work. Then all of a sudden, Elton John pops out of the woods acting wild and crazy, singing "Circle of Life," and looking like he's filming a remake of The Exorcist II......

"Crazy Elton"

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Apparently Elton John had just realized he ran out of baking soda and freaked out. Then, Elton quickly notices theglazed overand vacant look in Klotz's eyes that is all too familiarand violently attacks him, biting him repeatedly acrosshis neck, chest,and a few lower extremity areasas well, which oddly enoughJohn seemed to enjoy. As Elton John murders yet another in cold blood he begins to sing hisversion of "Another One Bites the Dust" which turns out to be easily one of the greatest cover songs ever. Theweird tiger beasthad long since run off,probablyout of fear of beingflicked-off to death rather then Crazy Elton causingany actual harm to him.Now Elton stands alone, hulking over the bloodymess that used to be Demented Klotz. Daybreak Dan watches from afar unsure of what Elton is going to do next. Then CrazyElton slowly reaches down to Klotz's pocket and pulls out a lofty bag of cocaine. "I knew it" says Elton to himself as his mood changes completely.His frown is turned upside down as he walks off into the sunset singing "I'm Still Standing" in a very high voice happy as can be......

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