Horn dogs will be pleased to see we gathered all the top trunk photos of Kim throughout her illustrious career.

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November 12, 2014

"Break the Internet" Paper Magazine Cover

This is it - the butt pic that started it all. And by "It all," I mean this post I made for all the dirty horn dogs out there dying to howl at Kim's full moon. 

Kim's Butt on a Red Boat

It's not the most natural way to sit on a boat, but then again, all you rump hounds out there don't give a shit about boat-sitting techniques, do ya? Heh, heh, nah.

Silver Butt - W Magazine Cover

We all know what's under that paint - a big ol' booty reporting for duty. ATTEN - BUTT!

John Lennon Kissing Kim's Butt

When this iconic image first came out, the talk was all about John Lennon's butt. I can't imagine why. 

"Creation of Kim's Butt," by Michaelangelo

Of course God pokes the butt he slapped on Kim - it's a good butt! Right, Butt Brothers?! 

Kim's Butt Returns From War

This photo of Kim's butt rubbing against a nurse's face is considered one of the most romantic images of all time. 

Michael Jordan Dunks on Kim's Butt From the Free Throw Line

When MJ painted Kim's butt red and hoisted it up ten feet, everyone knew who was winning the dunk contest that year. Or should I say, "Trunk Contest," right ya bum freaks?!

"Girl with a Butt Earing," by Johannes Vermeer

Considered one of Vermeer's masterworks, the Dutch painter made the right move in making Kim's rearing the focal point of this butt-tastic portrait. 

National Geographic's "Kim's Butt with Green Eyes"

How can you not get lost in those green-eyed butt cheeks? 

Kim's Butt Witnesses a Brutal Killing

The horror on Kim's butt says everything you need to know about the Vietnam War. 

"Butt," by Shepard Fairey

This iconic poster helped get Kim's butt elected President of the United Butts of America in 2004. 

Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian's Butt's 'Rolling Stone' Cover

All I can say is what a lucky guy. He gets to stare at Janet Jackson's back, and hold Kim Kardashian's chest cheeks, AT THE SAME TIME. 

Migrant Butt

This photo of Kim's butt - lost in anguish, worried about how it's going to support two children - is a lasting symbol of the Great Depression. 

Kim's Butt Sighting

This grainy photo is the first recorded evidence of Kim's butt, seen here wandering through the Northwest woods. For years, no one knew if Kim's butt was truly real. Actually, no one knows now. Are those buttplants or what? Ah, well. With a butt like that, it's best not to ask questions. Amiright Trunk Team?!? Haha you know I'm right.