See how this Newsweek cover from the disco era reveals 8 Accurately Eerie Tech Predictions about Our Modern Digital World. NOT just about the comedy genius... that is Will Ferrell.

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October 06, 2015

The 1978 Newsweek Cover That Grabbed Me by the Disco Balls. Why? Because it predicts...

The announcement that Will Ferrell will soon start in a tennis dramedy. It's true. You can look it up. But wait, there's more. The cover also tantalizingly foretells...

Our ability to summon Uber and ride-sharing services while tracking driver proximity.

Remote-controlled drones.

Our growing acceptance of recreational marijuana.

The iPhone 10. (You heard it here first.)

The breech at AshleeMadison and revelations of passion gone awry.

Ghost photobombs.

The perennial popularity of vinyl. (VINYL? That can’t be right.)

Meanwhile, there is one futuristic, tech object I can’t identify in the shot. I mean...

What the f--- is THIS?