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26 new pro wrestling gimmicks.
Published January 05, 2013 970 views More Info »

Timmy Showgun

8b88e88719575348e6965d78be4d4b34 original

His a f in nut case !

Sammie Smith

Ab76fc32729e42277bcc408545ae1dcb original

She can do it all !

Ruby Gold

615a75e1b952a200486d9ccfd9e0d2a0 original

She's gots hart i tell you hart !

Anna Neal

5ffc21d99ef1fdbf891e1af3aa8a4e73 original

She never backs down.

Ally Cleveland

E22e981ef613e03a79d10fa1f75b71de original

She is HOT HOT HOT but one cold harted b*tch.

Trisha Blood

Fcca374040a631d113772332b97ddfb2 original

No guts no glory.

Alexis Pong

2d7b22dc41f963f9c61760703b58a9fc original

AP has the speed.

Kimmie Lee

948f74f19a37cf844192f88bec8bd7ff original

She is a free spirit.

Candy Love

75ee393c61ad84df0f78823f2478b7fe original

She is a sweethart. #HardCandy

Vicky Vickson

Bf183e1548898af6c6f0a0ba6124b90a original

She is pure evil !

Harry Johnson

2f7e75921cfa50d699bc8ca124e8af47 original

His a big d*ck !

Sara Rogers

A71065f6bb36e487f86a15042fc2c8e3 original

Sassy !

Buck Deer

84684ec3cc0ade51d75c0606b5ba1c2e original

The Hick from the Sticks.

Chrissy Clark

9c1e93d47a27d4d1aea5e6db3e054425 original

C.C. is somthing to see inside and outside the ring for sure players !

Kate Rivers

6cecb67ba0f78e6ddf027b90084c6f58 original

She will rock you !

Ace Creedence

E97d7bebfb52f3d3c6727d0d582b0d3f original

A.C is so smooth baby !

Star Lake

Aa3a0b798727ad1a98ca5bdc8f890c4a original

Talk about a total diva !

Paul Grimm

7c1cb552cccd9c921859277d25aebc90 original

Death is coming.

Eddie Mickmasters

7e3d4a867a62fe2d4ceb871f448c5b9a original

Ruthless !

Judist "The Demon Seed" Lucifer

6debc0739a0e18e9e608b22949686367 original

King of the heels.

Gabriel Jacobson

0cf1ca97327dba259c9382c77358a87a original

BEER ME ! #420 #HardcoreParty

Super Saver

616a44d3b88965a8408ef283554c7585 original

Saving the day is kind of his thing.


A8ac1f63cc708a353523986db3a99fbe original

Not a thing is know about this guy but he will eat you up in there you all !

G.G Dean "The queen of mean"

D3025ffdf366e791775d410f9c52b311 original

Don't make her go all MMA on your ass b*tch !

Sally Pepper

9d04f43782b59b0acb5e092ad843e7f1 original

She is old school ruff & tuff.

Joe Doe

13009f068a01519ddaa4fd5163918a72 original

Jobber 4-Life.


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