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Its the truth about life.
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Published May 30, 2011

No screaming kids.

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Ah, Dont you just hate that birthday party with hundreds of crazy kids hyped up on sugar? I know, I know.

You can show it off to the guys at the bar.

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"AWESOME dude!"

You meet new friends.

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Just make sure the guys ain't flirting with your woman!

The love when you get back

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It's worth it, you know.

Your filling your teenage dream while you were failing.

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"I don't care dad! I'm gonna be in the military one day!"

The President (sorta) depends on you.....

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Along with 10,000 other men...

Your a hero.

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People, (not just the president) look up to you. Memorial day isn't just a time for partying, or just a day off from school,  its a time to show you your the reason our country is so strong. We love you!