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May 30, 2011

No screaming kids.

Ah, Dont you just hate that birthday party with hundreds of crazy kids hyped up on sugar? I know, I know.

You can show it off to the guys at the bar.

"AWESOME dude!"

You meet new friends.

Just make sure the guys ain't flirting with your woman!

The love when you get back

It's worth it, you know.

Your filling your teenage dream while you were failing.

"I don't care dad! I'm gonna be in the military one day!"

The President (sorta) depends on you.....

Along with 10,000 other men...

Your a hero.

People, (not just the president) look up to you. Memorial day isn't just a time for partying, or just a day off from school,  its a time to show you your the reason our country is so strong. We love you!