NO! NO! NO! TO SEXY! TO SEXY! (View all on one page.)
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Published May 19, 2012

The Bro

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Hey if you got the tits you best be rocking them out right there playerz. At least that is what my mom used to say.

This pup has got a little Mississippi mud hound in him A ladies?

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It's ok man just let him finish.

Slap it and ride the waves.

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Hang ten an Ride the BiG ONE!

What a Phat Cow

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Hey your going to need to take that off now ;-) "it looks like you need a milking"  


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Ever dang time i go to the nude beach i get somthing in my eye.

I have seen a lot of camel toes in my day but i have never seen them big of lips.

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My pants are geting tight!? O sh*t now there sticky and wet!? O Julie!

Old Bobo here leave on the beach.

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Smoke crack evey day,  BO! BO!

A little to much blood of the lord i see.

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YO baby! I want to rock your body! 

Just Let me die already for the LOVE OF GOD!

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Talk about tons of fun.

Both lips are running, so witch one do i look at?

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Hey guy in the back witch one are you looking at? "Hell i don't know am to busy looking at here stink hole."  "an she is saying am on my . with a case of the runs by the looks of it if you ask me big pimpin."

never seen this episode before.

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"About time this is somthing to jack off to on the t.v."

it's looking like a hard 7 today.

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Dos equis = BEER SHiTS   and that is a fact Jack because am having them right now as i typ this.