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My Spidey-senses tell me you're trying to seduce me.
Published March 09, 2011 280k views Immortal More Info ยป

1. Like a Boss

Future%20office original

2. No Need for Doors

Tumblr lhpkwjpvg31qzevzd original

3. Settle Down Spidey

Tumblr lhpkxtnysj1qzevzd original

4. Oh Hai

Tumblr lhovqc78p31qbxdt7o1 500 original

5. No means no.

Tumblr lhruv1lk4z1qzh5gn original

6. Oh C'mon

Tumblr lhhm6dwjns1qbxztfo1 500 original

7. You Know Exactly What You Did

Spideyjail original

8. Just a Flying Car. NBD.

Tumblr lhpkw7p0uv1qzevzd original

9. Taking a Dick Punch Like a Pro

Tumblr lhpkvtgo9c1qzevzd original

10. Boomerang Assault

Tumblr lhbc7eeatt1qa8kz9o1 500 original

11. Just a Spidey KKK hood. Again, NBD.

Bonerhat original

12. Trotting for Help

Tumblr lhr3rsq0zt1qc69iao1 500 original

13. Stupid Sexy Spiderman

Funny%20pictures original

Bonus! A sneak peak at the upcoming featuring film

Spiderman 9 0 original