Check out my collection of 15 of the funniest women who do their work making laughs from behind a microphone. Be sure to check out all of their sites, follow them on Twitter, and get out their to see them perform. Enjoy!

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May 06, 2013

Abbi Crutchfield

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "At a restaurant I thought a family was praying at the table but then I realized they were all texting." -@curlycomedy Check Abbi out online:

Annie Lederman

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "Sex is like riding a bike, you never forget how your dad taught you to do it." -@annielederman Check Annie out online:  

Aparna Nancherla

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK"whenever someone sneezes more than 3 times in a row, it's like get your life together" -@aparnapkin Check Aparna out online:

April Macie

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "I just found a 3yr old girl in the hallway of my hotel, she asked, "where's my mommy?" My guess. Somewhere not reading a parenting book." -@AprilMacie Check April out online:

Brooke Van Poppelen

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "Starting a band called OC / DC - writing songs mostly about dirty deeds that are followed by repetitive hand washing." -@BVPComedy Check Brooke out online:

Cathy Zukimoto

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "I'm terrible at dirty talk. Hope "ditto" and "right back atcha" doesn't kill the mood" -@GadZuks Check Cathy out online:

Claudia Cogan

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "Sign at the gas station: "Bathroom is no longer available." I can't believe it. Even the Shell bathroom has someone." -@blaudiablogan Check Claudia out online:

Jen Remauro

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "My phone's auto correct makes me look like a real ducking ass shoe." -@jenremauro Check Jen out online:

Jennifer Lemons

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "Accidentally bought scented tampons. Every time I uncross my legs, it smells like I'm smuggling candles from the dollar store." -@thecheckoutgirl Check Jennifer out online:

Jessica Delfino

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK"Your mama's so sensitive, it hurts her feelings when she types in a new password and the website tells her it's 'weak' " -@jessicadelfino Check out Jessica online:

Meryl O'Rourke

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "I think the only place to be that's more psychologically unhealthy than twitter is living with the corpse of your mother." -@MerylORourke Check Meryl out online:  

Sarah Tollemache

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "At a certain age it's pointless to introduce your parents to your new boyfriend. You might as well say, 'here's another guy I'm fucking' " -@stollemache Check Sarah out online:

Shari VanderWerf

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICKWe only use 10% of our brains because the other 90% is busy regretting saying "You too!" to a waiter after he said "Enjoy your meal." -@shariv67 Check Shari out online:

Sue Funke

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK"Hey People In Couples: Your single friends think that when you say "I'm coming over" it means just you, because in English I is singular." -@thesuefunke Check Sue out online:

Wendy Liebman

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "It took me 86 years to learn how to spell the word 'exaggerate.' " -@wendyliebman Check Wendy out online: