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The year's over. These images will be its legacy.
Published December 19, 2012 190k views Immortal More Info ยป
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Published December 19, 2012

The King and Queen of America

026bec1b4e610809354735756cacebd3 original

The Victor of an Epic Battle

5fa5dd168f7aa4b31d04e5ef244fc1d2 original

The Stingray Who Stole Our Hearts

65e0c19eb11445a13d72345da5af90be original

The Vice President Who Sniffed His Way to the Top

D2acc66394259cf12d4237f5d6cdd7fc original

The Winner of Halloween

1000e73d18cdcb2621ea6c0ffcef1598 original

The Surprised Koala

61e0b000eafe1562e990a1ba2bfe1010 original

The Gary Busey Oz

593d139242efab71e471bd5a9404e413 original

The Unimpressed Olympian

853dfb9c3dba043b722da3f9af6b8196 original

The English Tutor Motherfucker

Fcb5efb5e57778fde39d78545f071e28 original

The Mug Shot Professional

Cc828b13e082089bc83908aa660543be original
D11fa061dd5a36e1d3e3663e048f440d original

The Resemblance You Can't Unsee

7fe0003dd96b09ffb1c0c8a055aeb952 original

The Happy Olympians

9f901f3458f567dc58ebdfe311583e57 original

The Older Brother We All Should Have

F912e3b3854b9b638f6434e1b2df2824 original

The Cat Who Held On

985243600db71b22bdd4e074752d4565 original

The Time Mitt Romney Met a Black Person

D601ce787bda9a2c8f56bbf36ced90b6 original

The Ikea Monkey

81748a45753e173944eff6b526203d4c original

The Best Thing You'll See All Year

863a3d4853f195ad398c3d9d508f42af original