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Well in my mind these are the women that should be making up the GFW roster for the ladies division. ( top 10 list )
Published August 01, 2014 360 views More Info ยป

Annie Social

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She has T.N.A. for days a ! + she is a good manager as well their good buddies ! So hook her up with a job G.F.W. ASAP !

Barbi Hayden

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She is the current N.W.A. Women's World Champ an she got it all going on and then some by far for sure big dogs so come on down Barbi Hayden. ( G.F.W. is calling baby ! ) Side-note: She is a good little actress.

Athena Reese

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also called Reese is one Hell of a spunky pro wrestler that the G.F.W. must have if the ladies division is going to be good like it should be a. One of the best up in coming wrestlers ( man or woman ) in the whole world today for sure GFW so pick her up mates.

Kacee Carlisle

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I know Kacee she is a very nice person but a killer good wrestler in the ring , but she didn't always look like this , yeah she used to be a big girl back in the day , but 12 years of pro wrestling will get a chick e in super good shape. An trust me GFW you want her on your roster Hell you need on that roster ASAP !

Allysin Kay

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The Hannibal Lecter of Pro Wrestling is need in G.F.W. if you ask me bros.

Alere Little Feather

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Don't let her good look fool you because Miss. Alere Little Feather is a warrior in that ring.

Sumie Sakai

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Yeah she might be 42 year old but she can beat ass like no other sucka ! So G.F.W. contract this woman now ! She can teach these young bitches a thing or two a.

Kat Green

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Old mean Green here is as sexy as it gets and not only can she act but she can kick butts big time ! So bring her up to the big time G.F.W. because she is game son !

Kellie Skater

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The badass bitch from down under is one of the toughest and most skilled women i have ever seen in pro wrestling my friends , so trust me GFW you need her on the roster.

Tomoka Nakagawa

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Tomoka Nakagawa has skills for days ! An them skills have and are taking her all over the world , because yes she is just that damn good !


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