An this is how you can tell your a broke-ass b*tch sucka !
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Published October 19, 2011

This is your dog.

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An your wing-man.  ( A his a licker ladies ;-) 

Your f*cking fat dudes again.

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This is your pay day.

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But that is what you get when you do stand up for "living" big cat. 

Your new Dishwasher

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Well at least this dog isn't licking your junk like some other dog on list likes to do. 

This is your favorite recorded.

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That's right recordeds. RECORDEDS ! Now where are my VHS tapes at because old dad has a porno to shoot. 

Dinner Time

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What comes out must go back in when your broker than sh*t. 


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Foster Australina for beer ! 

Make your own jersey

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"like yeah i so know it's hard" butt it's worth it hiyo ! An that's what she said ! O ! O ! O ! 

Look what i can do !

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An you can do me anytime };-{O=  HiGH FiVE ! 

Hey if you can't duck it F*CK iT !

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An yes am talking about not paying your bills. Duck out.