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Published January 27, 2012

Need a Beer?

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This here 6er is mine but there are some wine coolers in the van if you all wantz some of my goodies.

Cook it Up!

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This man makes the best damn special brownies you will ever eat in your life man. Am telling you dude the best. Just head on down to the Buddiest temple he will be there. An tell him bullfrog sent you.

Come meer boy.

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Give daddy his H train so he can ride the white horse to you little hound dog. i can't be geting sick if i want to keep geting high now can i cheekco dog.

That dog was crazy looking man, An i think his even more f*cked up than me.

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Go thing i dress like a woman so you can't even tell am high.

Puff Puff Pass Mo Nucker! becasuse lefty is law dog.

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Yeah dude i think i seen that sh*t dudeski. Hey what where we talking about again? "Am i talking to my self?" did you that!

What the hell is Steve Urkel doing here brovocative?

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Hey man! Didn't you commit suicide? "it must of been one hell of a night." One to meany zimaz fo sho! UP TOP!

i i i can't remember a thing from last night and my but hurts.

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Well at least Steve Unkel wasn't there. "Because that guy is a freak!"  

I found White Gold I teLL yah!

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Dashing through the ghetto with a 100 doller bill over to the projects i go geeking out all the way. Yehyo!

Sponsored by King Cobra Malt Liquor

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There only 0.99 cents a 40oz  so stop by and pick up a case of Cobra's today! They did. And knowing is half the battle. G.i Joe!