With San Diego Comic-Con 2013 now behind us, and because we're lazy, here's a complete roundup of all the best costumes that didn't need several hours of research for us to understand.
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I'm Lovin' It.

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It's the guy from TV dressed as the guy from TV.

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Inspector Gadget>Doctor Who

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Retired Superman has had it up to here with Comic-Con.

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Never Nudes are everywhere.

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Turtle from Entourage.

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America Runs on Duncan.

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It's Not TV. It's HBO.

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Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

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Goonies R Good Enough.

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The 'Balls on these guys.

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Just trying to fit in.

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Here's a costume even your racist grandma would "get."

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It's like Superman, but a dog.

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As we all know, Nic Cage is the one true god.

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