Epic Swimwear Fails

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July 07, 2014
Krusty the Clown enjoys a beach stroll as much as the next man. If the next man is wearing a fuchsia bikini and full make-up.
This hot mess should be arrested for accessory to murder.
Nothing about the man on the right's face or body makes sense. There's thumbthing very wrong with this photo.
This lad's having a whale of a time. Somebody call Greenpeace...
Tiny bikini briefs on a fella? Man that look's sarong!
There's nothing wrong with a mum tum - but shopping in Baby Gapfor swimwear was a bad decision. I bet he's got plenty of money! 
Leave the thongs to the ladies next time, son.
It's the teddy we feel sorry for...
Never has a pair of trunks so singularly failed to assert its identity. Heartbreaking.
It's no wonder this bum has tucked into a thong - it looks positively starving. Eat something, lady!
This lad's face says it all. Who knew Land Of Leather had a sale on?
Sometimes thongs are not all they're cracked up to be. Terrifying stuff.
No matter how hard we try, we can't stop looking at this man's peachy rear. Just wrong.
This man's tattoo may be monster but his tackle would shame a small kitten.
She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, way-too-tight-for-her bikini. Ass-tounding.
This lass looks like she's eyeing up lunch - may we suggest a roll?
Someone should call a halter this kind of beachwear for lads. Still the bloke on the left's got a decent pair.
The future is anything but bright for this straining orange one-piece. Yikes.
We are guessing this tasty treat's name is Prune-Ella. Like a sausage with the stuffing taken out.
This woman sure boobed in the changing room - she's got her costume on back to front.
This man is clearly exceeding the speedo limit. Shame his can of Cuprinol ran out.