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You will not believe the amount of duck faces we found on Charlize's phone! Ducks for days! Go ahead, try to deny these are real, Charlize!!!!!!
Published March 30, 2012 130k views More Info ยป
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Published March 30, 2012
99944faacbb08188d8369250f129a706 original
Ade0aa1dcaf5ff7385fc6553054ba774 original
C9b707da08c1acd37d48a9c8de0c9471 original
5b7e92eb9f6702788d49c356266d2a15 original
1584168ba4714fc545728508e6607d43 original
F144af49f81219b27c4f39858e7791c2 original
61655a5c4cc18a96a8cd3da5eecdb513 original

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