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Some are for real and some i wish where real but they look cool anyways.
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Ace Ventura: in The Hood

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Ace Ventura in Compton with his new love interest Candis Sanders ( Vivica A Fox. ) as they look for a family ofPig-Nosed Turtle(Carettochelys insculpta): Even with its bizarre, protruding snout, this giant freshwater turtle - found in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia - is a popular collectors' item worldwide and its population is suffering from high demand for the pet trade. In addition to juvenile turtles being snatched for trade, the turtles' nests are robbed of their eggs, which are eaten. ( RATED R )

Barb Wire 3D: Don't Call Me Baby

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Pam Anderson is back as Barb Wire taking on Bill Goldberg asMace Blitzkrieg and his gangThe Prime. Based off the comic book story. Just an idea but i know for a fact it would make for a really cool movie. Go read the comic books where Barb Wire faces off vs the Prime Movers and you will see what am sayin !

Bill and Ted 3

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Yes this is really being made right now as i type this and trust me Bill and Ted fans this will be way better then the first 2 movies.

Blade 3D: Father vs Son

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Here is the plot idea i made up for this movie idea if you feel like looking.

Blade vs Underworld

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This idea for a movie would also make a cool comic book series and for some cool video games for sure big dogs.

Contra 3D

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Yeah this would have been a cool 80's action movie but maybe in here in 2014 the W.W.E. could make it into a movie staring John Cena and Alex Riley in that puppy. A just sayin ! Also a remake of the video game would be sweet !

A Nightmare on Elm Street aka Freddy Krueger is coming back one last time.

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Yes Robert Englund is coming one last time to play Freddy and the movie will be out in 2015 for real.

Ghost ( Rated R )

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Hey Hollywood if you where smart you would turn this comic book into a live action movie staring Samantha Bogach as Ghost because it will be a hit players. TRUST ME ! An a re-launch of the comic book would be cool and so would a video game of Ghost. COME ON !

Ghosterbusters 3

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Yes this is really being made. ( CAST ME ! )

Halo: Fall of Reach

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Hey a man can dream. But you know this would be cool.

Metroid 3D

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This one should be made for real if you ask me.

Queen of the zombies

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This was really made but it's a hard find.

Super Troopers 2

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This one is being made for real so thank you Broken Lizard.

The Justice League 3D

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Yeah if only DC !

The Mask part Smokin !

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Jimmy Carry is back as Stanley ipkiss. An in this one Stanley has lost his job, his girl friend has left him, and his dog has just died, and now his homeless when he finds The Mask again in the dumpster behind a donut shop. An then things get even more out of hand this time.

Twisted Metal: The Movie 3D

9ftys2kyqsww0uokjwjw twisted metal movie fake by dakln

Based off the very first Twisted Metal video game. Rated R.

The Vampire Slayers 3D

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Blade travels back in time to help Van Helsing slay all the vampyre races, so the don't take over the world in the future in Blade's time.

The Wolfman

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The new Rated R movie based off the book The Wolfman.

Van Helsing: Monster Slayer 3D

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Starring Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing th Monter Slayers. First it was Vampires now it's Monsters.

Major League 4: Back to the Majors

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One last shot at winning it all. An yes this one will be made and it will be out for the 2015 MLB baseball season.

Rated R

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Now there is a sci fi action movie for your ass !


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