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Found: awesome signs on telephone poles. Reward: a job well done
Published February 06, 2011 950k views Immortal More Info »
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Published February 06, 2011

1. Wait til you see the buffalo on the other side

Oregon trail is now on facebook width 600x


2. Alf is back! In sign form.

Alf width 600x


3. Tina Turner's Son??? Call. That. Number.

Tumblr lfn3kryo841qzcm5p width 600x


4. Klaus: Don't Mess

Icrzu width 600x


5. Get it?

Lost poster width 600x


6. Still Missing: Buttocks-less Pants

Princerespberryberet width 600x


7. Classic homosexual dog

Gaydog width 600x


8. The sad truth is we'll never know if he's been found

Tumblr lcgp1g19qb1qzmowao1 500 width 600x


9. Also Missing: Toner Cartridge

Resolution width 600x


10. What hoodlums would steal these?

Guys, please help width 600x


11. Deadly Combination

5249892922 4f033f06c8 b width 600x



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