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Found: awesome signs on telephone poles. Reward: a job well done
Published February 06, 2011 960k views Immortal More Info »
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Published February 06, 2011

1. Wait til you see the buffalo on the other side

Oregon%20trail%20is%20now%20on%20facebook original


2. Alf is back! In sign form.

Alf original


3. Tina Turner's Son??? Call. That. Number.

Tumblr lfn3kryo841qzcm5p original


4. Klaus: Don't Mess

Icrzu original


5. Get it?

Lost poster original


6. Still Missing: Buttocks-less Pants

Princerespberryberet original


7. Classic homosexual dog

Gaydog original


8. The sad truth is we'll never know if he's been found

Tumblr lcgp1g19qb1qzmowao1 500 original


9. Also Missing: Toner Cartridge

Resolution original


10. What hoodlums would steal these?

Guys,%20please%20help original


11. Deadly Combination

5249892922 4f033f06c8 b original



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