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So like i get a free bottle of Jose for this right!?

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"O No i don't get a free bottle for showing up. Well then f*ck sticks am going to my hotel room and am going to get f*cking TORE the HELL UP Bitches! Now where is all the damn coke at f*ckerz!" Don't you know who i am! NOW GET ME A GOD DA*N DRiNK HO!

Good thing no one is drunk here or anything like that.

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"My sister is sucking off a pince's dick for living so you know what that means! Am going to be f*cking RiCH as all HELL SUCKA!" Now hit my music! Hey is she cumming yet? Because that dude just did hiyo! Put your hands down her pants there playing my song because there party in the U.K

Talk about your cotton mouth.

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Mybe next time we get drunk before smoking a half pound of weed to the dome a there little lady?

She will be here all week people.

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The nice thing about drunk chicks is that they keep cumming back for more. "Man i love the weekends." An when you don't work everyday is the weekend yahyo!

So i wounder if she has ever caught anything before?

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I hope not because i just got rid of the clap last week. "Like the old saying goes if it smells like trout eat it out."

Doing this is the only thing that keeps me going f*cking insane.

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"An if one of you damn kids knocks on that god d*mn door one more time i so will kill every mother f*cking last one of you c*ck sucking mother f*ckers! So don't test me you little sh*ts! MOTHER OF GOD!

Now i need a drink BAD!

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No p*ssy for you!

An yes Ladies i do drink like a women.

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But you are what you eat.

if you can't duck then f*ck it!

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"Well then f*ck it! Am done with this because i need to go wax my balls with some duck tape." Hey guys i don't see any duck tape on the mouths if you know what am sayin! ;-) YOLO! An o one more thing before you go.

A classic Tiger Woods pick up move.

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You see first you hit dat ass with your balls then your take them out for drinks and then you stick you d*ck in dat butt hole so you balls can hit that ass agian and bang bang boom your both making cream feeling. O yes good times my friends good times. "An remember kids when going B-hole to p*ssy make sure you change into a new rubber so you don't get got by an STD."  Now go on an have fun getting squated on. PEACE ONE LOVE