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Ladie Tennis top 10 rankings by me.
Published August 07, 2011 1.6k views More Info ยป

#10 jelena jankovic

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she would be #1 on the list put since her face does not = the sexyness of her body i got to put her up at #10.

#9 Venus Williams

B0ede94f7153a32755921bdffd96bac7 original

comes in at #9 because she much like her sister just keep steping up the sexyfactoron the court.

#8 Daniela Hantuchova

7e123bb733780840e5daaf8e53050d94 original

now that is a tight body so with that she comes in at # 8 on my list.

#7 Mira Sharapova

3009e3336fe85c215996ca88ab621ba2 original

taking over tennis and your harts world wide is why she makes this list in at # 7.

#6 Gisla Dulko

Aa823465db0cc59e754e28a812a9fd52 original

just to skinny for my bloodbut still comes in strong at # 6.

#5 Jennifer Capriati

2516a9de40cde55cc11136f693f52629 original

thick and in all the right places fo sho! so why not put her in at # 5.

#4 Nicole Vaidisova

3cf331eecb7bd4586e80cff978a9a734 original

Tennis has done her body so good and thats somthing i can dig baby. So is comes in at a strong #4.

#3 Ana Ivanovic

A8a517aeeaa25f47e21992e1fda07900 original

taking her game much like her looks to a whole new level! so she is my #3.

#2 Serena Williams

6afba7deb7c9a34c1bbfecbcc20f3eed original

she plays all out and lets it all hang out &what isnot to love about that in a top player. so she comes in all the way up to #2.

#1 Anna Kournikova

61ac9777176d1fff5001f7b5c6e82ea2 original

I don't think she even plays anymore but she still is # 1 in my hart. ("guys i think we all know why")


51c4bdaea1abccb37102885d8055386a original

its KickA*S!


Ba795ab7c11daf94d4e181691d89eab4 original

Ladies tennis one of the few things in the world that does not piss me off.


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