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The French techno duo's highly anticipated new album comes out this week, but after 15 years of popularity, Daft Punk is just as famous for their secret identities as they are for their music. Here are 12 theories as to who is really underneath those French robotic helmets.
Published May 15, 2013 1.9k views The Crypt More Info »

We know they're French.

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And they don't like to speak.

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These guys are French.

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And so are these guys.

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It would explain what happened to these guys.

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But France has been historically a little, uh, hostile to minorities.

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They really hate rappin' kats, for example.

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Or maybe they really ARE robots.

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Or something close to it.

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The helmets are very slimming.

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Nah, they're definitely French.

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Nailed it.

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