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Was Jack Nicholson cheating on the Lakers by sitting courtside at the Clippers game? Not at all. See, Jack just has courtside tickets to ANY event at Staples Center, not just Laker games. Let's take a look at Jack attending other memorable events.
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LA Kings Game

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Hockey games are tricky for Jack, just because the size of the rink means Jack's courtside seat is technically IN the penalty box. 

Ringling Brother's Circus

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Jack loves when the circus comes to Staples! It's just like a cheesy basketball halftime show but hours longer!

The Grammys

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Despite the fact that music history is being made in front of him, Jack's courtside seat leaves him vulnerable to a lot of fan selfie requests. 

BET Awards

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Obviously, Jack is at home at any event where he can shoot the shit with Magic Johnson front and center.

WNBA Sparks Game

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  Jack paid for that seat, dammit, and he's going to use it. Even if no one wants to come with him.  

Michael Jackson's Funeral

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Oh, you better believe Jack has strong words about the formation of those pallbearers!