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dicks of the year. With friends like these who needs em. (view all on one page to see the full jokes.) Enjoy it and have a nice day.
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First off we need to pick up some chicks my broz.

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At least this dude has never been laid before in his life. So at least he doesn't understand what his missing out on.

Hold up I need to take a shit before we start this night players!

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Note to self don't ever and i do mean ever! Take a shit in portale bathroom facing down hill agian. An P.S find new friends and fast.

Pull your damn pants up boy!

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Hey what are brothers for you little chode.

Thanks a lot Daddy O for showing up to my wedding drunk as hell with your balls out.

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Remember the King baby!

By the way Dad thanks for taking care of my new born baby.

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"O its ok. i gave him some beers and put Duck Man on the t.v for him and his was just fine! Hell i used to do that same thing to you all the time and look how good you turned out."

Get back to work!

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Hey people is not like any of his ideas are going to get passed so why not hit up and NBA game get piss pants drunk. Hell i know i would if where there president. Now where is all the weed at!

Thanks Coco

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"Well am off to pick up some more Tansvestites as always." "Call me Eddie Murphy."


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