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These ladies REALLY need a man!
Published July 13, 2011 980 views More Info »
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Published July 13, 2011

Kim Porter

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With being P Diddy's X and having two young kids to raise up there is not much of a chance for a guy to step up to plate when it comes to dating this young ladie. (But if your just looking for a little ass play Miss. Kim, Hit a Honeky up!)

Nadya Suleman "Octomom"

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I don't even think I would date this milf. (its going to take a whole lot of junk to pack her if you know what am geting sayin ;) Hell F it  i will. (but am going to need the bigest Dilldos there are for that thing she calls a pussy.)

Kat Gosselin

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we all know way the guys stay away from this slamin milf. So let me get my vicetomey and its on Miss. THING! (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD COULD SOMEONE HOOK ME UP WITH HER  AS iN NOW!)

Becky Quick

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From CNBC every time i see her on t.v she talks about how lonely she is because she is a slave to work. So i think she just need someone to have Quickies with am just the man for the job. (Follow Becky on twitter and tell her i want to get up in them guts 4 life.)

Erin Burnett

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of CNBC now coming to CNN at 7p.m is allso a slave to work so lucky for her she is coming to CNN where they do things half ass. So now is the time to make a run at this young sexy thing guys. Now the only reason why i watch CNN.  "Happy Hour ;-0" ( i'll be cumming to.)

Demi Moore

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"i like to eat out raw two baby" Just hook up with me and you can get fat and old all you want beacuse i know i am already there.