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Hey ladies stay away from people like these when dating um k sweet harts.
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Stay away from me Jake Stetar

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Yeah when i get to drinking you never know what might happen so you best stay away my sweets and just let me beat my own meat because you want know part of this mad man ladies. For your health. ( + am 28 years old and live with my parents so if you want to stay alive stay away from me my sweets. Because i'll eat you up ! ) 

Stay away from them Hillbillies now you hear !

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They party hard and beat there women harder. 

Don't be hanging out with them Hicks um k girls !

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Hicks from the sticks are always the biggest dicks. Trust me am one of them ladies. 

Stay away from them Pro Wrestlers ladies.

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Them pro wrestlers ain't no good for ladies i tell you good lookin. Because there never around being that there  living the road life having one night stands with strippers and waitress every freakin night ! An don't even get me started on the other stuff um k babe ! 

You best be staying away from theme rich old guys out there ladies !

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Money isn't everything so for the love of God have a hart and soul and go find yourself true love with someone your own age that your like for f in reals ladies ! Really come on now ! 

Stay away from the nerds OK ladies.

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Dating a Dweebs or a Nerds  or a Geeks or a Marks = No Sex Life YOU ! . So if you ever want to have an orgasem again when having sex with a man don't ever date a nerd. Sorry nerds but facts are facts my brothers. "Them Nerds couldn't get a women wet even if they where inside a swimming pool fool !" 

Never date a drug a addict !

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Because they will spend all of your money on dumb a*s sh*t like every single day ! 

Never date the Shamwow guys my ladies.

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Because his into getting beat up by hookers. An you don't need that in your life now do you baby. 

Never date a homeless person um k boo !

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Because they will kill you and sleep in your bed and eat your food. 

Never date a fat guy my dear young women of world.

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Because you don't need no mintue-man honey ! Because a lot of fat guys are into some really weird sex things you don't want to know about at all ! Trust me am a fat guy i know these things sweet harts. 

You ladies need to stay away from them self centered a*sholes.

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Because these type of people don't give two sh*ts about you girl. 

Bi Punk Rock Chicks

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Because they don't care about anything b*tches ! 

Stay away from people who live in van my ladies.

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What can i say meth is on hell of a drug ! 

Hey ladies stay away from video game junkies.

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Because you will forever be playing with yourself if you know what am sayin !  

Stay out of the slow line ladies.

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Dumb guys are no good for you women and you can trust me on that because i myself am a very dumb guy. So you can take that to the bank boo. 

Stay away from the Metal Heads my ladies.

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Date a Metal Head and you will end up dead. 

An hey girls stay away from them ninfomaniacas

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Because they will torment the living Hell out you like as in all the time just for fun a. 

Yo girls don't ever date a pot head.

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Because they will never spend a dime on you because as you know they need that crash for sacks of weed. 

So ladies am telling you know don't ever date a criminal

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Because you will never see them because there in jail all the time and you know this boo. 

So check ladies never date a wigger.

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Just go for the real thing and date a black dude because they have bigger dicks. #KeepitReal