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I gave it my best, but my best is crap.
Published August 05, 2012 190 views More Info »
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Published August 05, 2012

Day 1

A0a13a162cd466b722fde0918fbca46f original

Here, as you can plainly see, I am wearing a Harry Potter T-Shirt and jeans. They are actually blue jeans, but appear darker because I forgot to take the picture until it was night time. Also, I know that a lot of fashion bloggers show their face in their picutres, but you won't be seeing mine as it is usually a fucking mess. At least my torso looks shorter than my legs in this picture.

Day 2

358e457af16f71bcdc27d72364469a83 original

This time I took the picture before work, and clearly I should have turned on a light. Here I am sporting what looks like an ill-fitting collared t-shirt with a blue undershirt, capris (/bermuda shorts) and pink socks. What a combination! Pretty sure I wore yellow shoe that day. Ah, what a trend setter.

Day 3

F52208a32e74f40e515beca1a897e220 original

Here I am in the same bad lighting sporting a sort of see through salmon coloured top (which I didn't know was sort of see through until now) and the same pants because they are just fucking comfortable. Again with the hand on the hip and the no head thing, but hey, at least this time I am accentuating my belly.

Day 4

3aafa9cfa2f5d65596efa8d34a4bfae8 original

Okay, okay, I actually like this dress. I mixed up the stance a little and even though the lighting is still bad, and my head is missing in action, I like it. Deal with it.

Day 5

Abcc7ff1355f3cac4bbf36386de6ee09 original

Back to the ol' capris-bermudas! This day I am at least standing in the light more, but oh man. I can't necessarily pin point why I don't like this look (although my knees do look funny), but overall, not that bad I guess. I think that is a decent shade of blue, and my socks match today. Good goob. C+

Day 6

54ecb2519c4fc8d1346bef351b953602 original

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd out of focus. Great. Just a great way to end this, jeans with the see through top again. Why take a picture in focus? Or why look at the picture when your done to check if it was in focus? No, you only have time to take one, you're too busy for this shit! And yeah, let your lips hang into the picture this time, that's a look that works for you.


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