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TARGET: Eastbound and Down premiere party. PRIMARY BOMBERS: Los Angeles Dodgers Javy Guerra and James Loney. MISSION: Bomb the hell out of everyone. Bonus points for enlisting the help of Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Jerry Minor and others.
Published February 13, 2012 63k views More Info »

Primary Target: Bombed

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Adam Scott: Bombed.

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Party Down Bomb

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Nick and Aziz: Bombed

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Bonus Jerry Minor Bomb

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These Ladies and Their Couch: Bombed

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Step 1: Bomb

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Step 2: Make a New Bomber Friend

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Marilyn Manson: Bombed

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Marilyn Manson Again: Bombed

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Marilyn Manson Trifecta: Bombing Accomplished

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Two Blondes: Bombed

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This Trio: Bombed

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Ginger: Bombed

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