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Clipped from the cross and placed in normal, everyday situations. This proves that Jesus really is everywhere.
Published September 06, 2012 12k views More Info ยป
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Published September 06, 2012

Jesus At A Pool Party

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Jesus Bidding One Dollar Over The Highest Bid (And Winning)

21d9ada59d5689147985ea7fd024805e original

Jesus Pretending To Stretch So He Can Make A Move

A7663bf811097589e2f64b1c229e1c47 original

Jesus Attempting To Catch The Garter At A Wedding

5ee5b6e7d6abc49d5e18b6bede55540d original

Jesus Knows The Answer

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Jesus On A Water Slide

A0043a40eb4adf02be8730688bce7d33 original

Jesus As A Bartender

Ed4c86436cda3fdde2da890ab0812c4e original

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