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the best of Jake "the Bullfrog" Stetar (me making fun of my loser self.) (best to view all on one page.)
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Published July 08, 2011

wuz good my babies!

786e85912c8282d5f6e3f4b4bcc097c0 original

it looks like am pondering if i need to take a sh*t or go beat off. (turns out i did them both at the time right then and there.)

MR. Fraggle Rock

Dsc00001 original

G.G Allen wasone of myhero. so after a nightof all night drinkin this happend. "Way G.G Because he was all f*cked up and don't give 2 sh*ts about sh*t unlessitsgoing inhis mouth from ahooker, Thatwas G.GAllen." His real name was Jeues Chirst Allen. no B.S

Bustin out the Funk on that ass.

Jake original

An still not geting laid at all and still with no fan bass.


4f978241524682736d8e9247b22b6842 original

its my party and i'll cry if i want to. "An i do every day when singing song sad songs in the shower." Becaue i just a lonly boy and i ant got no home.


B44e2dbf731ea368b1fcbaf8014c4ad6 original

Yeah am not ripped or anything ;-)

Flash Back!

Efd23d3e140c358dcf5b9d07a1c33688 original

Don't eat the brown ACiD!

what UP!

C570262b03f309806192323a4b0ee005 original

Am going to go get drunk now!

every f in party this sh*t goes down.

72cfed8208e55cdbb4b0a705c1944318 original

Good thing the only hair i have left is on my ass nowadays.

I got them DDz rockin!

68d6dd16c9202345e290316dc5d87e82 original

Am telling you Soy give you bitch tits.

OOO! Julie! Julie! Julie!

Kiss%20in%20my%20sleep%20 original

O cat whiperer i think i love so what am so afaird of?

The Hangover and a half shell

Dsc00001 original

Wiskey Power!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! all you MOTHER F*CKERz! are going down!

Jake%20in%20the%20woods original

They drew first blood!

Hey there little lady.

38e66881859db72ec236d7f144febdeb original

I save your little wagon there pilgrim.


75dbed00ea1eb84ed78de4f3a8d6df93 original

am coming for you my pretty!

so don't F*ck around with me.

0ec288fd8c6182459ce359f94782f5cb original

Me drinks like an irish man an me f*ckz like1 2.

because i need a damn drink!

8567806f869aed9762b28fd3b127a8b0 original

Hick em up! its beer 30.

thats more like it!

98b21707d01d5534dc60163cf8e04b94 original

O! Julie! Julie! Julie! this one is for you my love.

R i be Trashed!

848ce6fa5c885120a5278e54b542509e original

Hold me up damn it am losing my mind over here! (i need to go back to rehab yes yes yes)

taking about the boyz night!

378d7a3475cad180af9dde8e637eb197 original

Coming strate out of Colliers mo nuckerz! RiP D Bow. (His the one flicking off the cam.)


746f37caa6deffd96b0350d161be7327 original

DA Bullfrog Lovez you all more than any words could ever say.


Jakes original

Did you see the size of thatChicken!?

I be dreaming of you.

Kiss%20in%20my%20sleep%20 original

Ladies ;-)


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