5 new shows debuting this fall season that make me weep like a fishwife for society at large.

"I Didn't Know That I Was A Supporting Character In A Romantic Comedy"

Concerned sisters, quippy gay friends, and black people everywhere that think "White people be on some crazy shit" come to startling realizations in this compelling series. 

"I Had A Sneaking Suspicion That Wasn't A Chick On Chatroulette But I Told Myself That I'd Just Remember It Differently"

Teenagers across the country ignore their better judgement becuase "Mom will be home in a sec so fuck it."

"I'm Not Entirely Sure If I Hate My Son But I'm Well On My Way"

When highschool quarterbacks raise children with jazz hands and the devestating results.

"I'm Still Completely Unaware That I'm A Terrible Guitar Player"

After years of... hold on, just a sec.. practice and on-line lessons... wait, I almost got it... the musically oblivious... oh, wait, that's where it starts... undergo much needed interventions.

"I Didn't Know That I Was Canadian"

Buffalo, NY residents across the city finally make sense of their love for Rush and their crippling cravings for maple syrup.