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August 12, 2014

Lil Stoner

"When young Lil was growing up in Bowie, he suffered an accident involving his brother 'Mac' (William McKinley Stoner). His older brother was chopping wood in the backyard when Lil wandered over. Lil was a toddler, barely able to speak, and told his brother 'chop my finger off Mac.' His brother came down with the hatchet on the index finger on his right hand. Young Lil ran into the house crying, with the finger hanging by a piece of flesh. Mrs. Stoner tightly wrapped it and had her son lie still in bed. She sent for the doctor. The doctor told her there was nothing he could do other than bandage the finger. They would have to wait to see if the finger would re-attach itself.After a few days, the bandage came off. Although crooked, the finger had successfully re-attached itself. This deformity probably contributed to the way Stoner's ball moved when he became a pitcher." [1]

B.J. Weed

The bio on the back of the card reads: "The Tornadoes are happy to have Weed on their side."

This is actually a minor league card of former Giants manager Roger Craig.

Fun Fact: While pitching for the Mets in '63, Rod went on an unprecedented 18-game losing streak.

Bong Puffer

In 2008, while playing for the Texas Rangers' Double-A affiliate (the “RoughRiders”), Brandon Puffer was charged with burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit a sexual assault, after breaking into a woman's apartment in Frisco, TX. He pleaded guilty and is now serving five years in prison.

Gotta catch 'em all

Tobi Stoner's Autographed Letter Patch Cards by Topps.

The High Brothers

They were actually known as "Bunny" and "Pinky" High.