Just the leftovers :-(
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Published May 19, 2011

You have just entered into the outer limits

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 Now your going to die! HaHaHaHaHa!

She has that F selling these dildos lets use em on each other look in her eye ;-0

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& U KNOW iT BiG SeXy.

Must be looking at cocks online as always.

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That or watching people eat sh*t when beating off but naked at work.

Master of the Cancelled shows (get ready for #3)

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After this season of 2 & a Half men. (then it's back to making dude where's my car movies.) or "Go runing back to Demi, beause you know will want to f*ck him because they cant remember his ass."

Let me get my cell for the ride Brodowbaginz

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isn't radesky as hell dudeness, wait am geting a call YELLOW!

Because Charile Sheen has Aids.

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i tought that was Magic Jhonson. ("back in the 80's kids Magic give Wilt Chamberlain a run for his moeny.)" you know what am taking about.

My lucky day (I think it is but i can't really re-call)

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I guess dreams really do come ture some where under the rainbow.

The Boners with Dickie Lake on bass

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its like a Shacka Racka Lame of my Jimmy Jam thing baby!

Don't let your sun go down on me

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But your Daughters well that A OK ;-)

how candy got its start

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Know wounder candy is such a good aphrodisiacs !

Steve Carell just kicking at his house.

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"God i wish i never would have quit."

Stone Cold says its OK to give you wife the stunner. (and that the botton line)

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Because Stone Cold said so!

That was one hell of a field trip that year

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"Thanks Creepy bus driver guy is KooL Mommy."

A you see here what happens in Vages stays in Vages! Alright Buddy Boy!

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O so this is what you get for waking up in Vages.

Every f*cking Easter dad gets Drunk & kills the Easter Bunny.

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Thanks dad!

Peace out bitches!

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because i just wanna fly.