photos of my darlings
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Published August 16, 2011

My darlings.

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Photos of my love of my life. My four darling kids.

When they was little.

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Ill never for get there sweet little baby face's and how they made me smile each day.

My Stefany

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She is my little chuckie mokey alway trys her best to make my day go wild.

Little Steff.

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Whe she was little she was more then a hand full.

My Girl Layla.

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She is my little cabbage patch girl. She can be a little mouthie and act like her father but whats great is that she is smart and thinks she miss little know it all. :)

Little Layla

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When she was little she always worry and cared for everyone. She usted to spit on her finger to whip on a boo boo. She always told me she wanted to be a doc.

My Destiny

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She is the type of kid who stays to her self. She is shy until you get to know her.

Little Destiny

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She is my little buggie butt baby. When she was little she love to sing and always wanted to be by me.

My Gage

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He is my little man. He love to give lots of hugs and kisses.

Little Gage

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When he was little we all usted to call him smilie. He never really cryed that much only when he wanted to eat or he had gas most of all if he wanted me.


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Yes this is me the one who created theses little rugrats.