Famous People i think i might be related to? (view all on one page.)
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Published March 23, 2012

Mitch Stetter

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You see when the Stetar came to the U.S from Slovakia the last name was changed to 3 typs of spellings one being Stetter Two being Stetar and the third being Stetor is why am thinking this guy is my cousin. (Pirates should trade for this guy so i can drink beers with  mycuz after home games.)

Christopher Meloni

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He looks like a Hamm (him and Jon should be in a movie together.) "by the way i looked it up and he has a Hamm bloodline from his Mothers side of the family."

Jon Hamm

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My Grandmother on my dad's side of the family madin Last Name was Hamm. (Hey man you right on about that Kim bitch.) by the way man you should start twating with me on twitter and just follow me on there because i know you don't use it.

Toby Keith

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My Mothers Madin last name is keith and the Keith"s are all about some Country. Both ways.  "Now if only old Toby Here would play somthing good."  (Yo! Toby bring your ax down to Kentucky for the Keith family reunion and i'll show you a thing or two about playing music from your hart.)

Mr. Bleding

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Besides the fact that i look a hell of a lot like this man. He also taught me everything i know as a matter of fact yo. An it was alright because was saved by the bell.

This is Jack Nicolson

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I allso trun into a turn into a werewolf on a full moon and i never miss a Lakers game. By the way i just got out of jail and am wrighting this from a mental institution.

An this is me

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Well sh*t! Thats all the time i have for today cuz. So i will caught you on the flip side.