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if you like ass this is the place for you pimpin.
Published July 09, 2011 8.5k views More Info ยป
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Published July 09, 2011

A piece of ass

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Just bag it before you tag it Bro! Am telling you playerz!

The gay ass

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Hey Hey Hey Big Sexy ;)


177 original

Double DANM! "now if i could only stick it in the other 2 holes."


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I hope your on your period because if not some one done sh*t there self.

THE A*SHOLE! B*tch C*nt Mother Fu*ker!

Dca63c0a2ec9e50b848fc8eac35e4659 original

Your going to Hell bitch! "But i still would fuck her to death."

the Tight Ass

2905c126dd0f9f5cb21d466574028b0c original

Your fine as a mother F*cker so why don't you back that thing up miss Pippa. "O i have a long stocking for you if you know what am sayin!"

O Daddy like E.

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P.S give me some wiskey and Viagra and i'll bang them all out at the same time untill my dick brakes off.


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