Hilarious pictures of cleaning supplies that will have you going "WTF"
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Published January 13, 2013
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The three spray bottles in the bucket look like they're puking and the other's standing around are all like "Hey man, hurry up and puke before the cops get called". 

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This one is artsie fartsie and even makes me think about my life a little. They're staring out of the window like a little kid does when he's sick and all the other little bottles of cleaning supplies are out playing. Seriously WTF!

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Oh No! This is the tough crowd of the cleaning supplies. The vaccuum cleaner and bucket are pretty much the bosses of cleaning supplies. They're always pushing rags and brooms around and calling them pussies and making them taste strange foreign food. 

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Way too many dust pans here. Different colored mop bucket squeezers are nice, colored mop heads makes sense, but all those dust pans have gots to go. There's too many! Some poor womens pussy is going to fall off. 

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This chubby chick isn't doing anything wrong in my books. I bet she just took it in the ass and now she's going to go clean. Maybe she's one of those chicks that's into getting pooped on and this is her "after sex clean-up kit". Whatever works for you chubs.