Google street view can bring up some crazy shit, and this is but a mere sampling of what it has to offer...
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Published April 19, 2011
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Ahhhh, Google street view, the only socially acceptable form of voyeurism. Big Brother is definitely watching you, and he sees some pretty whacky shit. You can bet that the ONE time you squat behind a Daewoo to hang a turd or bang a street urchin in an alley, the street view van will drive past and capture that shit for prosperity. Google -  Violating your privacy in a FUN way. Follow Sean on TWITTER.

Jet Li's career had taken a real nosedive...

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These sandwiches are soggy!

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"Mustn't let go. Three foot drop may hurt heels."

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It's a glitch in the Matrix!

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"Where's that damn Malteser I dropped?"

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George Michael doesn't even bother to hide in toilets anymore.

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Sex offenders of the world unite!

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PCP and bikes do not mix.

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Pussy in a bush. Real original.

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Taken seconds before Captain America flew into a drunken rage and cockpunched The Hulk.

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A street fight about Cheetos caught on camera.

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Don't cross the streams!

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Maybe next time you'll remember to get the goddamned milk, Jeff!

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Hands up if you've seen a grown man naked.

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And here is the naked grown man. He likes movies about Gladiators.

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The joke's on us. She has Quato from 'Total recall' under there.

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Whale tail... The indelible mark of a skankburger.

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They could've at least chucked the dude some paper.

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What. The. Fuck.

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Break and enter? Naw Bro, I'm just doing some pull-ups.Honest. Gotta stay fit, ya know?

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Nelly must've played here recently. I'm a detective. Detecting's what I do. Plus I found his bandaid.

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He could never figure out why his anus hung like the mouth of a tired dog after that night.

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Well, of course he's a criminal, look at how he's dressed. Archetypical criminal attire.

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The Molemen didn't take kindly to Google's presence.

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Well, what would you do with your time if you'd never seen a real vagina? Exactly this.

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And the intrepid trio died in that very same spot...

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Dude VS Bear. A whole fridge full of chilled awesomeness right there.

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We can find Waldo, but still have no idea where Bin Laden is? I call bullshit.

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What can I say? I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny, when a girl walks in with a pretty little waist and a round thing in your face, you get sprung...

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