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pics of some crazy looking people
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Published June 05, 2011

My Wife is me Sister & my Momma!

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huhu! huhu! you shore doez look pretty.

Mr. Ned Schneebly

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You have got to dump that she devil Sara Sliverman man. So we can get the band back together dude.

I can see your nips

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You gotz a pertty mouth.

give me a cheeser burger with some meatballs on it.

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she said your balls are showing and he said  thank you very much! "must of just back back from the desert with the size of that camel toe"

Old Willy Clinton "Bubba"

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Hilary ant around baby! so its time to get freaky as all hell  up in here!

to Da! Father!

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Hey you talking to me!?

don't f with me when am looking at my playboys

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Not really there naked comic book chicks. "He hangs out here by himself every day all day."

I think there mybe somthing up his but

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Some one call Sigourney Weaver.

taking a little trip

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Note to self, don't let a whole sheet of LSD melt in my mouth. "LSD is kind of like M&M's they melt in your mouth and not your hands."

Randy "the Ram" Ramslord

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His Daddy was a Ram and his mother is Bo Derek. (because who doesn't want to ram her.)

just give him the crack and no one will get hurt.

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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

Hey girl! Hey!

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Do know where i can get a good but pounding or what girls, because daddy need some lovin tonight.

Pat is looking good these days

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So if your Tranny your Bi no matter what right?

Can i see your tits

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"Must be looking at dicks online agian."