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Cartoon show ideas.
Published April 04, 2014 10k views More Info »

Animal House

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The Cartoon ! Same shit as the movie but this time it takes place in the now. 

Liquid T.V.

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Liquid T.V. makes a come back on M.T.V. as the new Adult Swim. 

Johnny Quest

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Now their is a classic cartoon that should make a come back some where on the t.v. 

Ren & Stimpy

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Some who some way some where Ren & Stimpy should make a come back baby ! 

Rocko's Modern Life

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Am thinking all new episodes of Rocko's Modern life on Adult Swim would be sweet ! 

Barb Wire

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Now that would be a killer animated show and a half buddy ! 


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Now that is animated action at it's best if this where made into a series. 

Van Helsing

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People would love the Hell out of a Van Helsing cartoon for f in sure players ! 

Time Cop

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O you know you would watch a Timecop animated series and you f in know it bro !

Out There

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Since iFC dropped this show i think good old FOX should pick it up a. 

Charlie's Angels

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Would also make for a cool video game. 

Big Trouble

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Now this would make for a badass crossover cartoon.