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Were these pics taken at an Occupy Wall Street protest or a Black Friday sale? Play the game that's sweeping the nation!
Published November 23, 2011 370 views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
By The Comedy Couple
Andy Harris & Rhoda Baldwin
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Published November 23, 2011

1) OWS or BF?

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1) Occupy Wall Street!

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2) OWS or BF?

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2) Black Friday!

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3) OWS or BF?

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3) Occupy Wall Street!

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4) OWS or BF?

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4) Black Friday!

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5) OWS or BF?

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5) Occupy Wall Street!

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6) OWS or BF?

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6) Occupy Wall Street!

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7) OWS or BF?

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7) Black Friday!

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8) OWS or BF?

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8) Black Friday!

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9) OWS or BF?

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9) Black Friday!

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10) OWS or BF?

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10) MTV's "Jersey Shore" star Snooki at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas!

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