Were these pics taken at an Occupy Wall Street protest or a Black Friday sale? Play the game that's sweeping the nation!
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
By The Comedy Couple
Andy Harris & Rhoda Baldwin
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Published: November 23, 2011

1) OWS or BF?

1) Occupy Wall Street!

2) OWS or BF?

2) Black Friday!

3) OWS or BF?

3) Occupy Wall Street!

4) OWS or BF?

4) Black Friday!

5) OWS or BF?

5) Occupy Wall Street!

6) OWS or BF?

6) Occupy Wall Street!

7) OWS or BF?

7) Black Friday!

8) OWS or BF?

8) Black Friday!

9) OWS or BF?

9) Black Friday!

10) OWS or BF?

10) MTV's "Jersey Shore" star Snooki at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas!

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