Calling Noah Baumbach, Wes Anderson, the Duplass Brothers and others in need of a manic pixie dream dude.

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April 21, 2018

Will grow a mustache for the role.

Can you say "exudes loneliness"? 

Part-time artisan.

God on sourdough, I once made pancakes at a Kiwanis Club event. 

Personality is a plus.

Before: A colorful bed spread. After: A colorful bed spread you want to cast. 

Credits include "Star Wars."

As seen in VHS special edition of "Empire Strikes Back." 

Loves the planet.

I'm what you would call an "environmentalist." 

Did you say you needed a "reaction shot"?

Yeah, I can improvise. With. My. Face. 

Critically acclaimed.

"A Snapchat acrobat," bigdix666. "A cat on his head — an achievement in acting," stranger at the bar. "It's ok," my wife.

Experience in horror? Oh yeah.

Real-time shot of me meeting in-laws. 

Emotion for days.

Imagine the face I can make if this cover band at the Tex-Mex restaurant was good. 

Works well with animals.

Just chilling with a tiger on my lap. He loved me, and I loved him. Can't say the same for all my dead co-workers though.